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This is the test you may know as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) testing. The nares (nostrils) of the dog are usually graded at this time too and the guidelines for this are in a separate post.

This testing will be available at all of the Health Testing Programme events in the future, but should you wish to contact an approved RFG Assessor to have this done, you will find the list here:

We strongly recommend using Cambridge University wherever possible.

Outside testing event costs will vary from practice to practice and we advise that you check these in advance.

Once you have your test results , please send with your Health Passport to:


Maxine Murphy

Lodge Gates

Low Allenwood Farm


Heads Nook


Cumbria CA8 9BA

You should send an A5 SAE envelope (same size as your Health Passport), with stamps to the value of £1.53 to cover the weight of the Passport, with your form (please do include those from other tests if they have been done). This will cover standard second-class Royal Mail postage.

Your Passport and forms will then be verified, stamped, data-entered and returned to you.

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