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Your dog's annual MOT - worth doing at the time of vaccinations or before if you wish.


You will need to take the form below to your vet for the Annual Visual Assessment; it is recommended that you take the Putnam Patella Testing forms at the same time (see separate post).  To print it off please click on the PDF icon.

Although these tests will be available at all future Health Testing events, and so you may wish to wait, fees will vary at your own vets and you are advised to check first; some vets are happy to do these in a single consult at their standard rate, other vets prefer a double appointment which means cost are increased.

Once completed, please send with your Health Passport to:

Maxine Murphy

Lodge Gates

Low Allenwood Farm


Heads Nook


Cumbria  CA8 9BA

You should send an A5 SAE envelope (same size as your Health Passport), with stamps to the value of £1.53 to cover the weight of the Passport, with your form (please do include those from other tests if they have been done). This will cover standard second class Royal Mail postage.

Your Passport and forms will then be verified, stamped, data-entered and returned to you.


Thanks for submitting!

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