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Animal Genetics UK have kindly put together a specific panel of testing for this Programme, at a reduced rate.  This panel includes the recommendations and essential elements needed for KC Assured Breeders as well as tests that are considered important to our breed.  This is entirely non-evasive, needing just a buccal swab (rub the inside of the cheek).

The panel includes DNA Profiling; HUU (bladder stones); DM (Degenerative Myelopathy); HSF4 (Hereditary Cataracts).

DNA Profiling has been included because this will build a national database, but is also the only way to truly identify your dog, in the same way as human finger-printing or DNA testing.  This is invaluable should your dog be lost or be part of an ownership dispute.  It can also be submitted to the KC.

You will need to have purchased a Health Passport to undertake these tests at this reduced price as the serial number forms part of the costing code.

To obtain your forms and swab kits please email phoenixhealth@phoenixfrenchbulldogrescue, using ‘Genetic Testing’ as the title of your email, and give your name and address.

The cost of these tests is £90 and must be paid directly to Animal Genetics at the time of submitting your forms and swabs (all info is on the forms).  You may like to do additional tests as listed in the Health Passport, and a full list of these, with prices, is available on the AG website at


Once your test results are back with you please send with your Health Passport to:


Maxine Murphy

Lodge Gates

Low Allenwood Farm


Heads Nook


Cumbria  CA8 9BA

You should send an A5 SAE envelope (same size as your Health Passport), with stamps to the value of £1.53 to cover the weight of the Passport, with your form (please do include those from other tests if they have been done).  This will cover standard second-class Royal Mail postage.


Your Passport and forms will then be verified, stamped, data-entered and returned to you.

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