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54 glorious pages to fill with all aspects of your dog's health from vaccinations to Respiratory Function Grade testing and genetic testing.

The front of the book has pages of certificates, which will be stamped and verified by Phoenix as you present paperwork for results, and the data will be collected on our database.  The back of the book has all known common conditions that your Frenchie could potentially suffer from, and these offer explanations of what the certificates actually mean.  Additional blank pages for other tests have been included and there is a notes section for you to add general health updates after vet visits.

If you are a breeder, these handbooks are a superb way to show potential puppy buyers that your dogs are of the highest standard and well-tested; if you are a puppy buyer you can look through to see what tests have been carried out and then find the conditions at the back to see what these things actually mean; if you are a Frenchie owner you can use your Passport to record all aspects of your dog's health and in the event of emergency vet visits, or moves to new vets and delays in note transfers, you will always have your dog's history in one neat booklet.

This is available at £10 per book, and includes P&P and a handy bag for storing your booklet.

Please send your name and address to with Health Passport as the email title.


Payments to be made by BACS as shown below.

Please see other posts for information on how to have tests carried out and have your Passport stamped.

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